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Is it safe for Americans to travel to Israel right now?


  1. Rabbi Ehrlichmann says:

    No – it is not safe to go to Palestine right now.

    The Zionists want to attack Iran and if they do all hell will break loose.

    If the Zionist attack is a failure they will probably blame everything on the USA including you.

    The Zionist experts said there are 80,000 rockets pointed at them. If that is true there would have to be major casualties in Israel. Perhaps thousands and you could be one of them.

  2. A true Palestinian says:

    Да пошёл ты в пизду.

  3. DAN DAN says:

    Protests in Israel against racism and in the Middle East against tyrants shouldn’t make you feel worried about visiting he country.
    What should worry you actually is the expected Israeli assault on Iran and the expected Iranian response by bombing Israeli towns and cities. This could start at anytime.

  4. Kevin7 says:

    There is danger is all nations. I believe it is relatively safe but consult the American government on safety tips for any travel overseas (on safety tips for Israel). You should use common sense in any foreign travel

  5. Lupines says:

    Of course its safe. Whenever traveling outside of US into any country always check the advisory that US issues for that particular country. Stay with your tour guide or other trusted person and follow the other pointers the US advises. You’re fine. If you don’t want to go then I’ll go for you :D

  6. John E says:

    My dear friend, there are hundreds of videos of Christians treated awfully and unfairly by our Jewish friends in Palestine (Israel to them).
    Here is one
    Browse for more similar ones on the right of the page.
    Beware as well of the propaganda infestation here at Yahoo! Answers.
    These users use the Editing feature to spread their hatred towards the obvious truth.
    Just ignore them anf you will be alright .
    Thank you for sharing


  7. jerry says:

    Dan Dan and Erlichman and known Nazis – just ignore anything they say.

    Israel is perfectly safe, and you need not have any concerns at all.

  8. lucile says:

    Israel and America are neighbor country. Whenever traveling outside of US into any country always check the advisory that US issues for that particular country. I think this time is safe for Americans to travel to Israel right now but they should take more protection for this.

  9. The First Dragon says:

    Yes, of course. Since Israel contains the holiest sites for Christianity, there has been a constant stream of American Christian tourists visiting Israel for decades, and there is very little that will interfere with this. And that doesn’t even count Jews and Muslims visiting holy sites, or ordinary people just visiting family or seeing the sights.

  10. Disposable Account says:

    Nope! its mighty dangerous so … dont do it son!
    I dont want you to get hurt, knowhatmean?

  11. Zoe says:

    Yes, and Israel is much safer than other countries too. The Ministry of Interior, the military and the Israeli police are constantly vigilant for any threats and keep the country as risk free as possible, with frequent checks in all gateways to Israel and boarder passes between places such as the West Band and Gaza to Israel. For this reason, you can see many tourists in Israel all year round, and all enjoy a safe, secure stay. It is a pity to miss out on such a beautiful country because of these concerns, as there is nothing to be concerned about if you behave with common sense. More information on safety and security in Israel is provided in the links below, plus some travel and Jerusalem hotels.

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