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How much is the cab fare usually from McCarran airport to the Las Vegas strip?


  1. UrbanPhotos says:

    You need to read this

    It’s $3.30 to get in the cab plus $2.60 per mile. MGM is 3.1 miles from the airport terminal. So to go from MGM to the airport is $8.06 plus $3.30 = $11.46. There’s a $1.80 airport fee which is charged only on rides from the airport, so going to MGM will cost $13.26.

    If the driver doesn’t long haul me I’ll give $20 total, including the tip.

  2. Tiburon says:

    The airport is very close and I think it was included in my Package deal . Before getting into a cab anywhere in the world negotiate a price or go to the Taxi counter at the airport. Tip is 15 % .or less.

  3. banananose_89117 says:

    Cab will run around 12 but take the shuttle and tip the driver

  4. Andy L. says:

    Las Vegas is the highest per mile charge in taxi of any city, but distances around the strip are short. Fares get high only if venturing off-strip.
    Initial Fare $3.30, Add. Metered Fare $10.35, McCarran Airport Fee $1.80, Tip (15%) $2.32
    Estimated Taxi Fare $17.77
    First 1/13th mile $3.30
    Each additional 1/13th mile $.20
    Waiting time per hour $30.00
    McCarran Airport property surcharge $1.80
    Credit \ Debit Card fee $3.00
    2.8 miles by Swenson, (make sure not the Tunnel route)
    $1.80+3.30+ 37*0.20+$2 (wait time)=$14.50 + suggested tip $2 = $16.50
    They also have shuttles at about $7 a person at the airport, but there could be drop-offs or sitting time before you leave.
    If you take a cab, tell the driver to take Swenson. Sometimes, they automatically go south to the highway, and that is a much higher fare to the MGM.
    Getting around las vegas:

  5. shoredude2 says:

    First when you get in the cab make sure that you tell the cab driver you are going to the MGM and you want to take Tropicana and not the tunnel. Legally that is the way he is supposed to go unless you tell him otherwise, but cab drivers in Las Vegas will "long haul" you to try and get the fare up.

    Fare will depend on how heavy traffic is. It should cost around $16 in medium traffic. If traffic is backed up, the price could be higher. And I tip 15% just like I do in a restaurant.

  6. DJ Ulster says:

    You should e looking at around $20

  7. MJM says:

    Specifically, the minimum is: $14.12 …plus your "tip of choice"

    MGM taxi fare…including tip…and assuming they don’t ‘scam’ you by taking you onto the freeway…should be $14.12

    That is the minimum…typically, up to $15 or 16…max. (Not a blind guess, That is the State of Nevada’s Taxicab Authority data.) So, figure with a tip, "I" would expect to pay $17-$18…if you’re feeling generous, let him keep the $20…otherwise, use the $2 or $3 left over towards your tip for the ‘outside’ baggage handler!

    There are also ‘shuttle passes’ you can buy (private shuttles)…it’ll cost you about the same, $12 or $15.

    *My Good Deed info!
    Oh, if for ‘any reason’ the cab takes you through a tunnel and/or onto the freeway…they are breaking the law…and you can report them by letting the valet know what happened as soon as you arrive at the hotel. They will help you contact the Taxicab Authority( Taxi Authority #702-668-4000), a very serious agency, that will ticket them, suspend or revoke their license…for doing that to you, and you won’t pay a dime for the trip…but, many cabbies try to talk people into the ‘freeeway’ because of ‘traffic’ or other excuses…dont’ fall for it….just ‘diverting you’ from your intended destination or the better route for your pocketbook…each act is illegal.

    Have a great time!

  8. desertgirl says:

    You should contact the MGM. Most casinos have free shuttle buses to and from the strip for their guests. Then once you are here paying for a taxi still wouldn’t be necessary as there is the CAT bus, free tram, free shuttles, monorail, and walking. If you want to take a taxi anyway, it is going to run you about $15 for airport pick up. I would give them a decent tip if they will be handling baggage (at least $5).

    Here is one of the major cab companies in Vegas. They have a free fare estimator. The address of the MGM is:

    MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
    3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

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