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What is the salary for a call center agent in the Philippines?


  1. Wabbitnator says:

    between 12 k and 18 k

  2. Sarah Jen says:

    its always depends on which type call center he/she wants Inbound Or ou bound than decided about the Salary Package ….

  3. jd says:

    I met a very nice guy in the airport last week that is the VP of a company that runs call centers in Manila and Cebu. He lives in Cebu.
    I didn’t ask about pay but was amazed at all the training they offer to help the Pinoy to succeed. Including English lessons.
    They have to get their instructors somewhere.
    If he has a BA there are jobs available teaching English everywhere.

  4. oneiloilokano says:

    The starting pay is P8,000 a month, P10,000 after 3 months on the job.
    They work from 9pm to 7 am monday to saturday, six days a week.

    Why would a company hire a kano who is looking for kano wages when they can hire a local at local pay ?

    Your American friend has no clue about living over here if he is planning to work in a call center. Jobs for locals are hard enough to get and jobs for us kano’s just don’t exist or put it this way : I would not evan get out of bed for what they pay here.

    Your friend should check out the free website below because he obviously has no idea about life in the Philippines.

    If your retired with a steady income from outside the Philippines life here is great.

  5. pero♥agni says:

    english only, about 12k to 18k starting
    but he can become a supervisor in a short period and offered higher.
    if he speaks and write spanish, french,japanese, german or chinese,he can be offered over 100k. Multilinguist gets more.

  6. Gracie says:

    it depends on which call center he will apply..for entry levels, he can get 10~15k (2 yrs ago,entry level at one CC in makati was 12K). However,he can be a supervisor in an email account or be a trainor in accent and american culture for those accounts that have North AMerica Markets. He can also be a Team Leader or anywhere in the Supervisory Level. If he knows any other language apart from English, he can use it in his advantage. He can try the CCs in Makati like Convergys, Sykes, People Support, Etelecare or somewhere in Shaw Blvd or Libis also.

  7. Aiza ^_^ says:

    Since your friend has a Bachelor’s degree in English he can work as an ACE (Accent and Conversational English) coach. The salary of an ACE coach is way bigger than that of an average agent. An ACE coach can earn 20,000 – 40,000 pesos/ month. The ACE coach teaches/trains and monitors the agents with their English skills – grammar, conversational skills, accent reduction/neutralization, etc. The ACE coach also evaluates agents and do coaching to help agents who are having difficulties with their speaking skills. An ACE coach can get promoted to a supervisor of ACE department… it depends on his work performance.

    He can also work with the Quality Services department (Quality Assurance Specialist) which is considered to be "Supervisory" — he had a managerial job before right? A QA Specialist evaluates agents, do coaching as well, monitor agents’ calls, ensure that the agents are following the protocol in handling customers (e.g. CSAT= customer satisfaction).. and lots of paper work – reports!! Salary- 15,000-25,000 pesos per month.

    Usually a call center agent earns 12,000-20,000 pesos. It also depends on the company.

    But , some call centers require the "agent" position as an entry level for new applicants.

    But it also depends on the HR person and his assessment of the applicant — result of the exam, and the interview. Your friend has a very good background in English Communication SKills and his degree is relevant to that of an ACE coach. Aside from that, he has a good work experience.

  8. brianbatayolareturns says:

    for manila.. about 20,000+ ,starting…

    for cebu… about 16,000+ ,starting…

    call centers give extra for those with experience,

    being a call center agent is really a good way to bag more hot chicks…

  9. Mitch says:

    As of now, an average customer support representative who is just entering the industry would be able to get a minimum salary of PHP 14,400. But salaries could go as high as PHP 18,000 if you already become a regular employee.

  10. whiteknight says:

    salary is around 12,000 to 18,000…i doubt if they accept foreigners as agents..but as for our company, we dont.. but he can try applying for an english language position or a client manager position… salary ranges from 25,000-80,000.

  11. Felix says:

    In Dollar? Because that is very much. I got in Germany 13,3k € a year. And I was one of the best rated agends with english language position. At least until we got in contact with ETC and the cloud system.



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