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How do I get from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to The metropolitan museum of Art by Walking?


  1. DON W says:

    While I agree with Native, if you really want to walk and understand that it’s a long walk, the route is easy.

    From the Port Authority, walk along 42nd Street towards Times Square, continuing until you come to 5th Avenue (you’ll see the main New York Public Library on your right). Turn left on 5th Avenue, heading uptown. Eventually you’ll come to East 84th Street and you’ll see the Met on your left–can’t miss it.


    The response below mine offers an alternative walk. My route includes Times Square, the stores of Fifth Avenue, and "Museum Row" on Fifth Avenue. But, if you’d prefer walking across Central Park, it’s certainly an option.

  2. Native New Yorker says:

    My friend, The Met is located on East 84th Street and 5th Avenue, which is about a miles from the PA Bus Terminal. You’re better off taking the uptown (northbound) "C" subway line, which is the Blue Line on the subway map, from the Bus Terminal to 86th Street and Central Park West, and then walk from there to the museum.

    The fare on the subway is only $2.25 one way with a pay per-ride (regular fare) MetroCard and the trip from PA Bus Terminal to 86th Street take about 10 minutes, with an additional 10 to 20 minutes of walking time through Central Park.

    Good luck
    Native New Yorker

  3. ajedrez says:

    It’s a long walk, but if you really want to, you can walk up 8th Avenue to Columbus Circle, walk through Central Park (there’s the "Central Park Driveway"), and then walk up 5th Avenue to 84th Street. The trip is about 2.5 miles and will take around 50 minutes on *censored*.

    I hope this information was very helpful.

  4. New Yorker - NYY Bring on 2012 says:

    It’s a long walk, but you can walk along 42nd street to 5th ave, on 42nd street walk toward the Chrysler Building, but you’ll get to 5th ave before you get to the Chrysler Building, and turn left and walk the opposite direction on 5th ave that traffic is going and you’ll eventually get to it.

  5. FamousNYLover says:

    It is long walk and Metropolitan Museum of Art is very huge, so I suggest you should take subway.
    Option 1: Take uptown (C) to 81st St-Museum of Natural History, and walk through Central Park to see sites along the way to Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Option 2: Walk through Times Sq and walk to Madison Av and catch any Madison Avenue buses excluding Q32 bus to 79th, 83rd or 86th Sts.

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