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How long does it take to sail from Chicago to New York via the Great Lakes?

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  1. rpf5 says:

    l don’t know how long it takes to get from Chicago to Buffalo by boat. My guess would be 5+ days as you need to go the entire length of Lake Michigan, then the entire length of Lake Huron, then the canal down to Lake Erie, then all the way up to Buffalo.

    If you are going to go via the Erie Canal, it takes 5 days to go from Buffalo to Albany. You need to pass through 34 locks & your boat can not be wider then 43.5 ft or longer then 295 ft to fit. It can’t sit more then 15.5 above the waterline to fit under bridges & never be more then 12 ft down. Once in Albany, it is another 150 miles down river to New York

    The alternate route is through the canal around Niagara Falls & up the St Lawrence River. The St Lawrence is over 1200miles long. Once past Montreal you could go south into Lake Champlain & take the Champlain canal south to the Hudson River. Allow just over 4 days to get to Albany from the border. The canal is the same size as the Erie.

    If you stay on the St Lawrence, you will have to travel all the way to Nova Scotia, then another 2000+ miles on to New York City. Cruise ships make the Montreal to NYC run in a week but you couldn’t have a ship that big or that fast as it wouldn’t fit in the canal system.

    My estimate would be at least 3 weeks by way of the Erie Canal & you are probably close to that month guess using the St Lawrence route. Either way l bet that would be an interesting trip….sign me up.

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