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How and where to get a Schengen visa in Dubai?


  1. GerdP says:

    Where you need to apply for the visa depends on your travel plans. The visa will be valid for both France and Spain. It must be applied for from the country in which you plan to stay the longest time (main destination). This must not necessarily be the country you enter at first. If you don’t have a main destination and stay in both countries for an equal length of time it will be the country of first entrance to which you need to address your application.

    ◘ France — The French Consulate General in Dubai has outsourced the visa application process to a commercial partner VFS Global. They operate an application center where all applicants have to provide their applications for pre-screening, pay the visa fee of 60 €uros in Dirhams based on the consular exchange rate [currently 319.25] plus a service fee of 80 Dirhams, and get an appointment for the personal interview at the French Consulate General in Dubai. All applicants need to go in person since the biometrics and fingerprints of the applicants must be taken. Based on your citizenship the other Schengen countries must be consulted before a uniform visa can be issued. This requires an additional processing time of 8 working days. The French Consulate recommends to apply for the visa early enough (15-21 working days) prior to the proposed travel date. You can apply for the visa not earlier than 90 calender days before you plan to travel. .. ..

    ◘ Spain — Should your main destination be Spain you will need to apply at the Visa Section of the Spanish Embassy in Abu Dhabi. ..

    de paginas van Italië, Duitsland of Zwitserland zijn niet nuttig voor het visum aanvraag voor Frankrijk of Spanje

  2. Jeroen Wijnands says:

    Visit the websites for the French or Spanish embassy and read. All of the embassies these days have good information on visa procedures, requirments and costs. I’d say go to the country where you intend to start your trip

  3. pffffffff says:

    you are in Dubai and want to travel to France and Spain. Why are you asking this question in the Dutch section ?

    Maybe it’s better to asked this in the united arabs emirates section under africa & middle east.

    Here are some options I found;

  4. rehan says:

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