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What is the cheapest way to ship a package from USA to Australia?


  1. C.M. C says:

    ?, I did it the other way around I was over there for three months, and found I had a whole heap of stuff.

    For you being in the States, I would contact Allied Van Lines, and ask them to ship them care of Grace International in Sydney, they were absolutely fantastic with me. Over here, in Canada, they shipped them to Atlas Van Lines Care of Kings, also fantastic. At the time they had a groupage container container they were loading. Then it was what they called break bulk at the port, and my stuff was put on a truck and brought up here.

    With you Grace have their own International division that pick up from the wharf or warehouse, depends on where the container is opened.

  2. SSP Bowl Dude says:

    Major carriers should be able to tell you the cost on their websites since you have the dimensions and weight. You will also need the post code for the destination.

  3. D Wilson says:

    Hi there, I use to send items to the States from Australia and found sending by Boat/Ship was way cheaper than any other way… Although it does take about two wks but sending by plane is almost double in $$$$, hope that helps.

  4. Robert Goodman says:

    Their are Package Consolidator who pick up at mail and parcel stores. Their is also a trade group called AMPC. And if that does not work you can always go to the post office…..
    If you want to get it quick try Box Brothers or DHL

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