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How to pay off more of the cost of my reservation at walt disney world?


  1. AliDawn says:

    You can pay it either online OR over the phone. You can’t pay the balance when you get there because the full balance is due 45 days prior to your check-in date. For example, I am checking in on May 2, and my full balance is due no later than March 18. You should have received an invoice from Disney World that lists all of your vacation details, including payments made and due date for final payment.

  2. j says:

    You must have the balance paid 30 days before your arrival. But you can make payments on it every week or even every day until then.

  3. Lonestar_d says:

    I am an avid Walt Disney World vacationer, having gone more than 40 times in the last 10 years. I am here to tell you that you can pay it however you like. It is your choice! You can pay on the Walt Disney World website, or you can pay it via phone 407-Walt-Disney. Additionally, you can pay the balance when you register or check-in to your resort.

    I usually, pay the 1st night, which you already did, which is required to hold the room, and then I pay for the additional days when I get there. Once you arrive, they allow you to use your hotel room guest key as a charge card throughout all of the Walt Disney World theme parks. It makes it easier for you to use, rather than use your charge credit card everywhere, you simply use your hotel room key. Once you pay your 1st night, you have already booked your stay. If you do not show up or cancel your reservation 48 hours prior, you will then lose your deposit. Have a great trip!

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